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the development of intelligent connected vehicles by lever▓aging t

ger of Chery Automobile, told China Daily.Chen Anning said, "China is leading the world in intel▓ligent manufacturing. The slow motion in refreshing car models is not ▓an approach in the intelligent era."The international giants' five-to-10-year duration betw▓een each generation of models won't f

he domestic market's pre

it into today's customer needs, while user beh▓aviors are evolving very fast."Chinese OEMs have setup ▓meaningful levels of automation, that is, integrated well coordin

ference for high-tech fu

ated automation can be titled as having the most intelligent systems in place, according▓ to Michael Adick, managing director, auto industry, Accenture Greater China

nctions and mor▓e premi

.He told the reporter, "Chinese companies are in general in the forefront of innovation and intelligent development. The▓ challenge is the meaningful integration of di

um brands.

Two domestic automakers announced their intelligent de▓velopment strategy on Wednesday in Beijing. The companies will use Baidu Inc's Apollo platform in their latest products whic

stal intelligent solutions and automation."The next level of this intelligent production system is the digital Integration of the whole supply chain."Zhu Guohua, executive ▓director of Chery Automobile's intelligent vehicle business unit, said the manufac

h were launc

turer will upgrade its entire value chain through digitalization and intelligent technologies."CheryLion is a pla▓tform across

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all functions and values that will not only benefit our


manufacturing side, but also cover the customer side f


rom more flexible orders to meet individualized demand


s," he said in a group interview.Baidu Inc ▓announced i

its Chery

ts Apollo project last year. It is an open autonomous 

Lion intelli

driving platform, and the internet giant claims it has g

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  • ained more than 90 partners for the platform so far.Chinese automotive executives have continued to highlight connectivity and digitalization as a key priority, followed by the increased adoption of big data

    gent develop

  • analytics to create value, according to a KPMG's Global Automotive Ex▓ecutive Survey 2018.Global consultancy Deloitte discovered in earlier research that Chinese car makers enjoy an advantage in these fields b

    ▓ment pla

  • ecause they work in a progressive way with technology companies.Deloitte also found that Chinese customers perceive the brands and vehicles with such technologies as more premium than those that don't.On Thursd

    n, and lau

first smart

veyed customers and know they like them," he added.Equipment that is currently popular includes tablets, connectivity, voice con

model Tiggo 8, a mid- to large-siz

trol and re▓mote control in mobile phone apps. Overseas auto brands are following the lead of Chinese carmakers in offering some of these gadgets

e sport utility vehicle.Dongfeng Mot

in their standard models.Surveys show▓ that the average age of Chinese customers is below that of most major overseas markets, they are early ad

or's passenger vehic▓le brand Dongf

opters of new technologies and tend to replace the car at shorter intervals.Please scan the QR Code to▓ follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR

eng Fengguang's iX5 smart crossover

Code to follow us on Wechat"Quality defects often e▓merge a long time after the vehicle has been in use, but Chinese-branded vehicles have only b

model was

een in the market for a short time. Moreover, as recalls have a serious im▓pact on brands, the still-young domestic automakers de

al with quality problems through their after-▓sales service, ra

ther than recalling them," s

aid Tan. However, Luo Lei, vice-secretary of ▓China Automobile

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